Technology Innovation


Smart-Node Network.

Smart-Node Network.

The New Powerful And Agile DeFi Tool To Enhance The Hedera Network.

An innovative technology called Smart-Node to build ground-breaking DeFi applications.

Smart Node Technology

Either you want to build a custom DeFi Protocol, or an Enterprise Private Network using Blockchain/Web3 as background for immutable data storage, the Smart-Nodes are the solution you’re looking for.

DeFi Protocols

DEX, NFT DEX, Cross-Chain DEX, Launchpad, Staking, MultiSig.

Private Network

A dedicated decentralised network for enterprise solutions.

Smart-Node Vs Smart Contract

Build your Web3 solution using only Typescript, both for your backend and frontend solutions. Our SDKs will facilitate your journey as an Hedera Developer, by providing you a solid boilerplate and set of features to customise to your needs.

No Memory Limit

While Smart Contracts on Hedera can be maximum 10Mb, Smart Nodes has no memory limit what so ever.


While Smart Contracts can only interact with Hedera, Smart Nodes can interact with any service and blockchain.

A comprehensive suite of decentralised services

DeFi Protocols, Decision Making Tools, Token Manager, Multi-Signature Safe Wallet, and much more…

Smart Node Technology

Why HbarSuite?

HbarSuite is the world’s first carbon-negative DAO to utilize innovative Smart-Node technology deployed on top of the Hedera Network.

With the ability to bypass Smart-Contract limitations and risks, our Smart-Nodes enable infinite scalability.

Decentralised Progressive Web App

Our DAPP lives on IPFS, to achieve real decentralisation and to be censorship resistant.

We can easily provide enterprise solutions based on the same approach, fully customizable to meet your needs.