Web3 Development

Web3 Development

Custom solutions for your Decentralized needs

Thanks to the collaboration with HbarSuite, the team have developed a technology that could potentially replace smart-contracts in the near future: the Smart-Nodes. In a few words, Smart-Nodes are highly customizable programs, deployed inside virtual images which can be hosted and decentralized through local or cloud computing environments.

Example of Web3 development services

  • Decentralized Multi-Sig Custody Wallet Management
    Elevate your financial autonomy with our state-of-the-art multi-sig wallet manager, designed to empower you with unprecedented control and security. Imagine a world where managing funds becomes a collaborative endeavor, yet remains decentralized. Our platform enables you to effortlessly establish multi-signature wallets, where transactions require the consensus of multiple authorized parties, ensuring a fail-safe mechanism against unauthorized access. 
  • Decentralized Decision Making tool
    Elevate your decision-making process by harnessing the potential of decentralized governance. Our platform offers a user-friendly interface that puts the power in the hands of your community members and/or business partners, allowing them to propose, discuss, and vote on crucial matters with unparalleled ease.
  • NFT Marketplace (Automated Market Maker)
    Discover a world of digital creativity and ownership with our cutting-edge NFT marketplace. Unleash your passion for art, music, and collectibles as you browse an exclusive array of unique creations from artists around the globe. With our user-friendly platform, you can easily buy, sell, and trade NFTs, secure in the knowledge that every transaction is securely recorded on the hashgraph, ensuring authenticity and provenance.
  • Zero Slippage Decentralized Exchange (Smart-Rebalance Automated Market Maker)
    The Automated Market Maker (AMM) Algorithm utilized to initialize the Decentralized Exchange is the novel Smart Rebalance Market Maker (SRMM), which is a Hybridization of a constant product market maker that allows the Trader to experience Zero-Slippage. With the SRMM, the Trader is always able to see what they are exactly swapping before executing the transaction.
  • Fair-ordering Order Book Market Maker
    Since HbarSuite utilizes Hashgraph as base consensus layer, with fair-ordering transaction execution through timestamp, a Centralized Exchange could be certified to be tamper-proof against buy/sell orders that may trigger unjustly if considered from a timestamp level.

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Hello Future!

Embrace The Forthcoming Disruption Of Web3 As You Know It

Hello Future!
Embrace the forthcoming disruption of web3 as you know it

We have experience in working with different blockchains, DLTs, and platforms to create products that are compatible and accessible.