Explore All The Showcase Features We Have Built For Our Community.

Explore all the Showcase features we have built for our community.

We have developed ground-breaking DeFi features that empower users to leverage the Hedera Network capabilities at its utmost potential.


Multi-Sig Wallet Manager

Harness the power of the Hedera Network, enhanced by the Smart-Node Technology

DAO engine

Create your own Decentralized Autonomous Organization, propose and vote based on a token or NFT that a user may hold


An NFT Exchange with an integrate Automated Market Maker. Become your own Market Maker and collect fees.

Zero-Slippage DEX

Enjoy our cutting-edge Decentralized Exchange, based on our novel AMM algorithm Smart-Rebalance Market Maker, which allows you to swap tokens with zero slippage whatsoever.


Token Manager

Create, update & manage your tokens/NFTs in a very simple, smooth and effortless manner

Cross-Chain DEX

Swap from any token to any other token available in our Cross-Chain DEX!



Sell your tokens and/or NFT collection utilizing our Launchpad technology with many customizable features!


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