Staking As A Service

Staking As A Service

Staking for your project made easy

HbarSuite has released a unique feature that allows Users to Auto-Stake rewards by simply holding an NFT in your wallet or a Fungible Token balance. Any Crypto Project Creator who wishes to introduce Auto-Staking as utility, can use our feature on a Staking-As-A-Service basis.


  • Multiplier Effect
    When a user holds an NFT featuring specific metadata or a designated quantity of fungible tokens, our system enables the capability to transmit customized reward amounts in accordance with these predefined criteria.
  • Define the rewards base on a token the user holds
    Project owners retain the authority to determine whether a user is required to hold either an NFT, a fungible token, or both, as a prerequisite for them to be eligible for staking rewards.
  • NFT Multiplier
    Should a user HOLD a specific quantity of NFTs, they may become eligible for staking rewards that include multiplier benefits.
  • NFT Metadata
    When a user holds an NFT featuring a particular metadata trait, they become eligible to receive a predetermined amount of token rewards.

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Hello Future!
Embrace the forthcoming disruption of web3 as you know it

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