Our frontend DAPP has been moved into IPFS!

Our frontend DAPP has been moved into IPFS!

August 5, 2023

we’re very happy to announce another step towards decentralisation: Our frontend DAPP has been moved into IPFS, from now on the Hsuite DAPP will be completely decentralised!

What does this mean?
It basically mean that instead of using a web hosting, which is a single server hosting your source code, we have compiled our DAPP and uploaded into IPFS. This action will not only be a guarantee of decentralisation thanks to the fact our code is now hosted by all the IPFS nodes around the globe, but it guarantees our DAPP cannot be shut down.

How does this work?
IPFS create a unique hash called CID, which identify the uploaded files/directory. Each time we will deploy an update of the DAPP, a new unique CID will be assigned and you can visit the DAPP by using any IPFS gateway you like! Our main link will always be available of course, and we will share the CID every time we update the DAPP so you can directly verify it in IPFS.

What are the improvements and changes?
A part from being now totally decentralised also in the frontend, this update should completely fix the issues about cache when using chrome, and the issue faced when using the DAPP from Hashpack itself. Why do I see a broken link message like this: failed to resolve /ipfs/bafybeiakswb2x4sdnq7gldpqhyddkq462danbyeup7ab6m7kacxo4rv34a/launchpad: no link named "launchpad" under bafybeiakswb2x4sdnq7gldpqhyddkq462danbyeup7ab6m7kacxo4rv34a By being now under IPFS, we had to change the internal routing mechanism by adding the so called hashtag routing. this means that if you wish to visit directly an internal page, such as launchpad, the url will have to be changed from https://hbarsuite.app/launchpad to https://hbarsuite.app/#/launchpad The app is already fully working if you nagivate using the menu, this mentioned issue will only present if you navigate to an internal page using obsolete direct links. Hope you enjoy this upgrade! Stay tuned, stay decentralised…. more to come!