HbarSuite Liquidity Injection Program Launch Dates

HbarSuite Liquidity Injection Program Launch Dates

October 17, 2023

HbarSuite Liquidity Injection Program Launch Dates

Hello Future!

We really appreciate everybody’s patience regarding the launch of our LP program.

After extensively working alongside the Hedera team to have a more proper synchronization with the network changes they perform, we are excited to release the following launch dates on our DEX:

  • November 13th 2023

On this date, instead of keep scattering the LP injections from our treasury allocation, we are going to fully inject 4,274,266 HBAR (~$200,000 USD at current market price) into HBAR/HSUITE pool and also add HSUITE/USDC pool to start diversifying liquidity and token pair options.

  • December 4th

Initial LP injections for Shibar NFT holders For the initial ten days, this program will be exclusively available to Shibar Gold NFT holders, giving them the privilege to inject liquidity.
In the following ten days, Shibar Silver NFT holders will be added to the whitelist.
The next stage, spanning another ten days, will see Shibar Bronze NFT holders gaining access to liquidity injection.
After a minimum of ten days from the whitelisting of Shibar Bronze NFT holders, we will open this facility to the general public.

Liquidity Injection Procedure and Rewards

Participants can choose to inject liquidity into our available pairs, such as HBAR/HSUITE, HSUITE/USDC (coming soon) or HSUITE/SHIBR.

Upon doing so, an NFT representing the position will be minted, bearing an intrinsic value derived from the number of tokens injected into the position. Participants will benefit from a generous, fixed APRs of :

  • 33% for HBAR/HSUITE
  • 22% for HSUITE/USDC
  • 15% APR for HSUITE/SHIBRAll rewarded with the equivalent amount in HSUITE tokens.

Note: To qualify for the rewards, the position must remain open for a minimum of 30 days.

Payouts will be carried out every 30 days for each position and can be collected by the account currently holding the specific NFT. This means two things:

  • The NFTLP can be traded on secondary markets or gifted.
  • Withdrawal of liquidity prior to a 30-day cycle will result in forfeiture of that month’s rewards.

Thank you all for being part of this incredible journey!

Best Regards,

HbarSuite Team

Stay Tuned for more updates!