HbarSuite and Scicom MSC Berhad: Revolutionizing Digital Identity for the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education

HbarSuite and Scicom MSC Berhad: Revolutionizing Digital Identity for the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education

February 15, 2024


In a landmark collaboration, HbarSuite is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Scicom MSC Berhad, a powerhouse in the global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector, to create a pioneering decentralized digital identity application for Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). This innovative application is set to leverage HbarSuite’s cutting-edge smart node technology, ensuring unparalleled security, scalability, and privacy for users. EMGS, an agency under the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, is at the forefront of this initiative, marking a significant leap forward in the digital transformation of student services.

SciCom MSC Berhad: A Global BPO Titan

Scicom MSC Berhad stands out as a leader in the international arena, particularly within the realm of Business Process Outsourcing. Scicom caters its solutions to a global clientele in a diverse range of verticals.

The company’s impressive roster of over 3,900 employees, hailing from more than 50 different nationalities and capable of providing services in over 40 languages, is a testament to its global reach and inclusivity. This diversity not only enriches the company culture but also equips Scicom to address the nuanced needs of its diverse customer base across various linguistic and cultural landscapes.

Recognition of Scicom’s excellence is evident in its inclusion in Forbes Asia’s “Best Under A Billion 2023”, an accolade that celebrates the most outstanding companies in the Asia-Pacific region. This, coupled with Scicom’s impressive financial performance, including significant annual revenues and net profits, highlights the company’s robust business model and its efficacy in delivering top-tier services.

A Synergistic Collaboration for the Future of Education

The partnership between HbarSuite and Scicom MSC Berhad is more than a collaboration of two tech-savvy entities; it is a confluence of vision, expertise, and technology aimed at redefining digital identity management within the educational sector. By integrating HbarSuite’s advanced smart node technology, the forthcoming digital identity app promises to set new benchmarks in terms of security, scalability and privacy for EMGS and the wider educational community.

This collaboration is poised to not only enhance the operational efficiency of EMGS but also to provide a more seamless and secure experience for students and educational institutions alike. As digital transformation continues to shape the educational landscape, initiatives like this are crucial in ensuring that technological advancements are harnessed to their full potential, promoting inclusivity, accessibility, and innovation.

In conclusion, the strategic alliance between HbarSuite and Scicom MSC Berhad heralds a new era in digital student services. By leveraging their respective strengths, this partnership is set to deliver a decentralized digital identity application that will significantly benefit the educational community, reinforcing the importance of secure, scalable, and private digital solutions in today’s increasingly digital world.

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HbarSuite Team