Treasury Restructuring

Treasury Restructuring

October 5, 2023

HSUITE & SHIBR Treasury update

Hello Future!

The time has come to restructure our treasury accounts and operations.

I appreciate all of you Treasury Committee who this past year and a half have always been available to use Docker and help us each month signing transactions in a multisig and transparent way.

That really meant a lot.

However, we have had too many people who basically disappeared and/or have never signed at all, and we cannot keep risking to have our funds locked in the long run or having troubles into reaching the threshold.

That said, since the development and release of our multi-sig wallet, we anticipated the migration of treasury from using Docker for signatures, to use the front-end dApp in a much more easy and agile manner, so that we can just merge central treasury and executive treasury all in one place.

Furthermore, after an extensive evaluation from our core team, those who will remain part of the committee are the following Discord Members:

  • (still to be added to the treasury threshold)
  • (still to be added to the treasury threshold)

The new Treasury Account for HSUITE and SHIBR is the following one: 0.0.3866707

Note that the treasury is currently empty as we are waiting to add and to the treasury account to finalize everything.

We also have done an extensive document explaining how HbarSuite works on Enterprise and Community side of things, as well as considerably increasing the payouts for all committees, hbarro and moderators, as we have seen how hard they have been working and been very present compared to what they all have been rewarded each week so far.

Click Here to read the doc

Thank you all for being part of this incredible journey!

Best Regards,

HbarSuite Team

Stay Tuned for more updates!