The pioneering global broker and Crypto Bank


Banqua emerges as the foremost global brokerage firm, serving as a bridge between the domains of cryptocurrencies and traditional finance. Offering an extensive array of more than 40 prominent cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and forex options, Banqua empowers traders to partake in fee-free trading on a global scale. With a commitment to sustainable practices, Banqua also provides opportunities for green investments. Discover the capabilities of Banqua’s integrated platform and liberate yourself from the burdens of swap fee expenses while contributing to a more environmentally responsible financial future.


  • Ultra-Fast Trade Execution

    Seamlessly Execute Buy, Sell, and Short Sale Transactions

  • Green Investment Assets

    Eco-friendly investment options, combining financial growth with environmental impact.

  • Crypto/Fiat Transactions

    Swift Money-In and Money-Out Operations

  • Up To 1:1000 Leverage

    Trade bigger with up to 1:1000 leverage, for amplified potential gains

  • Crypto/Forex

    Discover your preferred assets consolidated in a single platform.

  • User Friendly

    Enjoy a user-friendly trading experience with our platform.

Project Details

Banqua delivers an exceptional trading experience with ultra-fast trade execution, a user-friendly interface, and a professional suite of tools for both fundamental and technical analysis. Whether you're buying, selling, or short selling, our platform provides the control and speed you need to make informed decisions and optimize your trading strategies.

  • “We at Banqua were looking to integrate Web3 Solutions that could be as scalable, secure and fast as possible while maintaining decentralisation. As we got to know HbarSuite and all the Smart-Node capabilities, we decided to integrate their Web3 solutions into our platform.”