HbarSuite Summer Updates

HbarSuite Summer Updates

June 4, 2024

Summer 2024: A Promising Time for HbarSuite

This summer, Hbarsuite is excited to introduce several incredible updates that promise to enhance user experience and expand the platform’s capabilities significantly. Let’s take a look at some of what it is at the horizon!

Tokenomics v2 Documentation: Preparing for a Deflationary Shift

The upcoming release of the Tokenomics v2 documentation will outline the new deflationary model for HSUITE’s NFT subscription model. 
These documents will provide users with a comprehensive understanding of the changes and enhancements expected to take effect in the last quarter of the year. 
This strategic rollout is designed to ensure that all users are well-informed and prepared for the transition to the new tokenomic model.

Here is a short summary of how it will work:

  • Developers who aim to utilize our smart node SDK V2 for building smart applications, will be required to join a monthly or yearly NFT subscription model. This subscription can only be purchased using HSUITE tokens.
  • Once these HSUITE tokens are spent on subscriptions, they will be burnt—meaning they are permanently removed from both the circulating and total supply. This mechanism not only decreases the supply of HSUITE but also potentially increases its utility and value over time by creating a deflationary effect.
  • Developers are able to create their own smart-apps and create their own Subscription model, making HbarSuite’s NFT Subscription Model a cascading perpetuity of potential utility.

This strategic approach ensures that the adoption of our technology directly contributes to the tokenomic health and growth potential of HSUITE, aligning the interests of developers and token holders alike.

HSUITE dApp UI v1.9: An Enhanced Interface Experience

The release of HSUITE dApp UI v1.9 is set to bring significant enhancements to the user interface, from the looks to the ease of use, setting the stage for the eventual arrival of version 2.0. While v1.9 is not the full realization of v2.0, it marks a substantial upgrade in user experience, aiming for smoother, more intuitive interactions within the application.

A key upgrade in v1.9 is the integration of Wallet Connect, expanding user accessibility beyond HashPack Wallet to include other wallets like Kabila or Blade. This improvement simplifies the authentication process, while making it easier for users to connect to our dApp with their preferred wallets.

Looking ahead, the forthcoming v2.0 will retain the aesthetic and functional improvements of v1.9 while introducing full interoperability with multi-signature accounts. This enhancement will allow users to fully utilize a broad range of HSUITE features, including DEX, NFT DEX, DAO, Token Manager, and Launchpad in an even more trust-less manner. Multi-signature interoperability will really be a game changer for the Hedera DeFi space, marking a novel approach to security enhancements for more complex operations.

Our path to decentralization: A Step-by-Step Journey

True Decentralization is often touted as the ultimate goal in Web3 technology, however the journey is anything but straightforward. It demands more than just high ideals; it requires a methodical, strategic and careful deployment of technology. Especially when that technology is breaking new ground in terms of security, cryptography and advanced functionalities.

That said, This summer marks an incredible milestone in our path towards real decentralization. We are excited to announce the launch of our first Testnet Smart Node validators! A critical development that involves the community directly in the protocol’s evolution.

Who will be eligible to run a Testnet Smart-Node?

Shibar gold NFT holders with a stake of 10 million HSUITE will be eligible to engage directly in the rigorous testing of our Proof-of-Reputation protocol.

This phase is crucial, because it’s where theoretical meets practical, where we test the resilience and efficacy of our protocol under real conditions. By enabling select community members to participate in this process (up to 100 node validators), we are not only validating the functionality of our system but are also democratizing the development process, like a true DAO. This is decentralization in action thoughtful, inclusive, and relentless in pursuit of the best outcome possible.

Introducing HbarSuite’s MoM (Multisig-of-Multisig): A Paradigm shift of Security and Collaboration

In the upcoming release of the Smart-Nodes v2, we are excited to unveil a revolutionary security feature: the Multisig-of-Multisig (MoM) mechanism. This innovative approach to smart-app transactions is designed to significantly enhance security and integrity within the ecosystem.

How It Works

When a developer creates a smart-app through the NFT Subscription Model, the entity IDs associated with this app will be created as multisig-of-multisig entities. Specifically, each transaction requires dual authorization: one from the smart-app owner and another from the Community Smart-Node network, forming a threshold of 2/2. This means that both the community smart-nodes, which themselves operate on a multi-signature basis, and the smart-app owner must agree for any transaction to proceed.

Security Through Collaboration

The validation process for transactions involves scrutinizing JSON validators that are securely written within immutable Hedera Consensus Service Topics. Those validators are the public checks to make sure that an application is following an immutable and determined set of rules which make sense for the final scope of the Smart-App. And the wonderful news regarding this approach is that although smart-app developers may choose to keep their source code proprietary, these HCS validators are made publicly accessible. This transparency allows anyone to verify that the validators make sense and are securely and correctly implemented, while retaining you proprietary source code if needed.

Unmatched Security Benefits

The nested multisig design offers an exceptional level of security, making fraudulent activities like “rug-pulls” almost impossible. For a malicious actor to alter any aspect of the system, they would need to compromise both the smart-app owner’s key AND gain control over 51% of the Smart Node network—an endeavor of extreme difficulty. Therefore the requirement for dual consensus adds a robust layer of protection, safeguarding against potential security breaches, making the Smart-Node v2 Protocol many more times more secure than Smart-Contracts.
Smart-Node v2 is able to achieve actual decentralization thanks to MoM, while being trust-less and permission-less thanks to the immutability of the on-chain logic validation.

This approach not only fortifies security but also enhances a sense of trust and cooperation within the HbarSuite community, ensuring that transactions are transparent and mutually agreed upon.
We strongly believe that the introduction of the MoM Model (Multisig-of-Multisig) in HbarSuite v2 will set a new standard in decentralized application security, promising a much safer and more reliable environment for all users.


As we navigate through these transformative updates, it is imperative to keep a forward-looking perspective on what lies ahead for HbarSuite. Our commitment to innovation and user-centric development remains unwavering as we continue to chart our course through the dynamic landscape of decentralized technology. Community Engagement and Education Initiatives are one of our core objectives, to foster a well-informed and engaged user base.
To this end, we will be rolling out a series of educational initiatives, including webinars, interactive workshops, and comprehensive guides. These resources aim to demystify our technology and provide users with the knowledge and tools to maximize their engagement with HbarSuite’s ecosystem.

Regardless of having faced criticism, we encourage all users to share their experiences, suggestions, and concerns. This collaborative approach ensures that our developments are not only cutting-edge but also aligned with the real needs and aspirations of our users. As we stand on the cusp of these exciting advancements, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each member of the HbarSuite community. Your support, feedback, and engagement are the bedrock of our progress. Together, we are not just building a platform; we are shaping the future of decentralized technology. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate, inspire, and transform.

The journey of HbarSuite is just beginning, and we are thrilled to have you with us every step of the way. Here’s to a future brimming with possibilities and groundbreaking achievements! Your commitment and enthusiasm are our daily driver as we progress towards truly groundbreaking milestones in our journey. Thank you for standing with us—We are building something Epic!

HbarSuite Team